Retirement before the age of fifty is not difficult!

Find out how to make that dream a reality

India In general, the age range from 60 to 65 years is considered suitable for work. However, in the rapidly changing times, having a job up to the age of 60 has become very stressful as the work pressure has increased exponentially. If you are also among those people who want to live a comfortable life through retirement, not until 60 but until the age of 50, then this is not a difficult task. Experts say that if you want to retire early, you need to make sure that you earn quickly, spend less, and most importantly – save. But keep in mind that without inflation in mind, your plan may not work. For example, if you need INR 5,000 in a year to cover your family expenses, you will need around INR 8,000 after 10 years.

good plan


Let’s say you are 30 years old and want to retire at 50. You have 20 years to build a box. This amount will cover your expenses for 30-35 years after retirement. Experts say that if a person retires at the age of 50, they should have an amount equal to 30 times the annual expenditure in savings. Now the important question is how will this happen.

Planning to save this way

If you are in your 30s now, your annual savings should be about 70 percent of your total income. This way, even after beating 10 percent inflation, you’ll be able to accumulate spending money each year for two years after retirement. Suppose your annual spending is Rs 5,000 now, you will have to earn around Rs 16, 000 annually. Only after you do this will you be able to add funds equal to the expenses of the two years after retirement.

Keep these things in mind when planning for early retirement

    1. Try to save as much as you can
    1. Take health insurance, it will save you a lot later
    1. Create a separate fund to go on vacation days after retirement
    1. Disciplined investing and turning to stocks for great returns
    1. Avoid taking new loans, it will affect your savings
    1. Get rid of wasted investments and balance the portfolio

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