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Bigg Boss 16 Day 15 Highlights: Shaleen showed attitude, Salman took class, this member became homeless from home

Bigg Boss Highlights: You had already seen Friday’s war in which Sumbul’s father reached and changed all the equations of the house. But Saturday was heavier than Friday. On the 15th day of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan of Shaleen Bhanot started a class fiercely.

Bigg Boss 16 Updates: In Bigg Boss 16, Friday’s attack was overwhelming for the members present in the house. While Salman brought the truth about the family in front of him by making some revelations, Sumbul Tauqeer’s father had done the right thing. Those who reached the show and along with convincing the daughter brought the reality of her special friends Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta in front of them. After which Sumbul was seen angry with both of them but the 15th day passed even more heavily on the family members. The beginning of the 15th day may have been fun, but Salman’s scolding wreaked havoc on many contestants.

Thank God’s team reached the show

On the 15th day i.e. on Saturday in Bigg Boss, the cast of the film Thank God reached the show. Siddharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh had a lot of fun after reaching Bigg Boss house and made the atmosphere of the house pleasant. Siddharth and Rakul gave a special task to Abdu and Sajid, on completion of which both of them got a chance to eat pizza and burger which Abdu likes the most, while Rakul and Siddharth danced a lot to the songs of their film. Priyanka and Ankit stunned everyone by performing a romantic dance to the song Manike, which was filmed by Nora and Siddharth.

Salman Khan took the class of Shaleen

As soon as Siddharth and Rakul left the house, Salman’s mercury became high and Shaleen Bhanot came on his target. Since Friday, Salman seemed angry with Shaleen, and finally, on the 15th that anger erupted. He slandered them on the attitude of the most gracious. In fact, recently, Shaleen’s health deteriorated, after which a doctor was sent for her at home, but along with the doctor, Shaleen misbehaved. Salman clearly said that everyone is equal in the house and he himself is not a VIP here.

The family members were seen talking about Sumbul

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On the 14th day of the house, Sumbul’s father had reached the show and had advised the daughter to keep a distance from Shaleen, but even after the show, when Sumbul was seen sitting decently, the family members were again seen talking about Sumbul. Archana Gautam said on this that even after hearing everything clearly from her father, Sumbul is not going to improve.

Srijita became homeless

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At the same time, on the 15th day, the first eviction took place in the house and the member who became homeless was Srijita. Yes… this week on the basis of low votes, Srijita has been out of the show.

Shaleen removed the grievances

Late in the night, Sumbul was once again seen sitting decently and he was seen explaining that he should become as his father wants. At the same time, he apologized for everything and also made it clear that if he ever needed a friend, he would always be there for him.

Shaleen is angry with Gautam, the relationship will change

Shaleen looked a little angry with Gautam Vij in the house. Actually, Shaleen was quite upset after listening to Salman Khan‘s scolding from Khan and Sumbul’s father. He hoped that his close people in the house would support and compel him at this time, but it did not happen that even no one came to explain to him except Tina Dutta, which also hurt him a lot. One thing is clear from this a lot is going to change in the coming week. The effect of this Friday and Saturday is going to be visible throughout the week.

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